Chef Monty P Menu Creations

All items listed below are for your choosing to create an unforgettable affair.


Pricing is based on full service catering or food delivery catering.


Please feel free to contact Catering By Monty P for a customized menu, assistance with menu planning, or any other inquires you may have.




Monty Peeler


Proteins & Poultry


Beef Short Ribs - slow roasted in a 40 weight gravy sauce.


Bar-B-Que Oxtail - An award winning recipe that falls off the bone.


Prime Rib - Prepared to order & seasoned to perfection.


SteamShip Round of Beef - 75 to 100 lb. bone-in leg quarter of beef slow roasted to perfection. Excellent for large parties and normally served at a carving station.


Choice of Steaks - 8 oz., 12 oz., or 16 oz. Rib Eyes, Tenderloins, NY Strips, Tri-tips, or Sirloin - well-seasoned and prepared to perfection.


Fried Turkey - well-seasoned, deep fried in peanut oil. and served golden brown.


Turkey Wings - seasoned to perfection and served golden brown.


Turducken Breast - turkey breast, duck breast, and chicken breast all in one. Seasoned to perfection.


Turducken - turkey, duck, and chicken all in one. Seasoned to perfection.


Duck a la Orange - roasted degreased duck simmered in orange juice, honey, Grand Mariner, and Monty P's Special Poultry Seasoning - A "Must Try"!


Turkey  Chops - an award winning special cut of turkey  prepared to order and seasoned to perfection - Another "Must Try"!


Herb Roasted Chicken Quarters - fresh herbs and Monty P's Special Poultry Seasoning - Another "Must Try"!


Fried Gospel Bird - well-seasoned and prepared to a golden brown perfection.


Cajun Oven Fried Chicken - Monty P's Spicy Poultry Rub, lightly flowered and oven-roasted and prepared golden brown.


Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pecan Dressing - a juicy chicken breast stuffed with MontyP's Famous Cornbread Pecan Stuffing.


Choice of Seafood - your choice prepared however you like it. 


*Note - We can also email you some different preparation options to make your event an unforgettable affair.


Bacon Crusted Catfish -catfish fillet crusted with apple-wood smoked bacon - An award winning "Must Try"!


Crab Cakes - Monty P's Famous Crab Cakes. Another on our  "Must Try" list!

Monty P Dishes and Creations


Red Beans & Black Rice - red beans simmered slow and finished with forbidden black rice.


Crabmeat Dressing - Award-winning cornbread dressing finished with a fish fuma (fish stock) and plenty of crabmeat.


Mac 'n Cheese - repared with four different cheeses and heavy cream.


Broccoli Casserole - broccoli, ground turkey and rice with a cream cheese sauce.


Okra, Corn & Tomatoes -can be a complete meal with hotlinks, chicken, or shrimp . . . or all three.


Sweet Potato Soufflé - a very sweet dish made with Grand Marnier and heavy cream.


Stuffed Bell Peppers - well-seasoned rice and ground turkey stuffed in a bell pepper finished with bread crumbs and white cheddar cheese.


Pecan Dressing - fresh pecans in a cornbread dressing made with turkey stock. 


Vegetarian Lasagna - homemade spinach pasta with an array of garden veggies, four different cheeses, fresh herbs, and Monty P's marinara sauce.


Spaghetti and Hot Links - made with hotlinks and ground beef simmered in an Afro-Centric marinara sauce. 


Dirty Rice - ground turkey and chicken gizzards, Jasmine Rice and finished with the New Orleans vegetable trinity and Monty P's Chicken Stock.


Vegetarian Dirty Rice - Jasmine Rice and garden vegetables finished with vegetable stock - a colorful and tasty dish!


Gumbo - choice of: Seafood Gumbo; Chicken Gumbo; Sausage and Okra Gumbo; Shrimp Gumbo; or, we can create a gumbo with the ingredients of your choice prepared to your liking.


Jambalaya - sausage, rice, shrimp, ground turkey, herbs, spices, and New Orleans Veggie Trinity simmered in stewed tomatoes.


Etouffé - crawfish smothered in a 40 weight gravy.


Lobster Ravioli - homemade ravioli made with chunks of lobster in a hearty, golden heirloom tomato basil sauce.


Spinach Casserole - rice, ground turkey, three cheeses, fresh spinach, and spices prepared to perfection.


Au gratin Potatoes - thinly sliced potatoes, heavy cream and three cheeses finished with bread crumbs.


Garlic Cheddar Mashed Potatoes - mashed potatoes finished with fresh garlic and cheddar cheese.


Herb Roasted Gourmet Potatoes - tossed in olive oil and fresh herbs and roasted to perfection. 

Veggies & Salads


Greens - mustards, collards, turnips, and kale slow-cooked  to perfection.


Steamed Butter Cabbage - well-seasoned cabbage steamed to perfection with creamy butter.


Creole Cabbage - cabbage, stewed tomatoes, hot sausage, onions, and bell peppers.


Green Beans & Potatoes - fresh snapped green beans and yellow wax beans (when in season) finished with gourmet potatoes.


Broccoli Spears - finished with Monty P's Chef's Butter.


Corn on the Cob - (Seasonal)


Fried Green Tomatoes - lightly-seasoned and dusted in cornmeal and fried to perfection.


Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Carrots Medley - steamed vegetables finished in butter, vegetable stock and wine - (wine is optional).


Garden Veggie Soufflé - seasonal vegetables with fresh herbs and spices prepared in a Soufflé.


Spinach and Bacon Salad - fresh spinach, bacon, and boiled eggs are tossed with the salad dressing of your choice and prepared to your liking.


Potato Salad - Monty P's Famous Pickle Relish Potato Salad.


Macaroni Salad - prepared with tomatoes, olives, elbow macaroni, fresh parsley, and dill pickles and seasoned to perfection.


Fresh Garden Salad - prepared with the ingredients of your choice.


Pecan Dressing - fresh pecans in a cornbread dressin prepared with turkey stock.


Blackened Catfish Caesar Salad - a traditional Caesar Salad made with Monty P's Caesar Dressing and finished with a perfectly prepared piece of Blackened Catfish.


Fried Okra - seasoned with cornmeal and fried golden brown.


Black Eye Pea Salad - tomatoes, diced small black olives and fresh herbs in an oil & vinegar dressing.


Mixed Green Salad - finished with fresh berries and pears in an Apple Balsamic Dressing.


Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Salad - broccoli crowns, cherry tomatoes, and mild cheddar cheese finished with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing.


Green Pea Salad - fresh green peas, mild cheddar cheese, and boiled eggs finished with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing.


Bay Shrimp Salad - shredded lettuce, thinly sliced celery, sliced eggs, and plenty of shrimp finished with the dressing of your choice.


Glazed Carrots - finished with nutmeg, fresh dill, and a brown sugar-butter glaze.


Sauted Squash - seasonal squash with peppers, onions, fresh herbs, and spices and prepared to perfection.


Salad Creation - made with the ingredients of your choice!


*Note - We can also email you some different salad preparation options to make your event an unforgettable affair.




Monty P's CrabCakes 


Monty P's Seafood cakes 


Mini Bacon Crusted Catfish Squares


Chicken Wings

Prepared to your specification 


Monty P's Veggie Wraps


Fruit Kabobs


Beef Brochettas 


Mini Croissant Tenders



Beef, Chiken or seafood


Spring Rolls

Veggie, shrimp, beef or chicken


Peel 'n Eat Shrimp Display


Lobster Cocktail


Blackeye Pea Croutini 


Turkey Meatballs


Fruit Elavation

Only seasonal fruit 


Yellow meat Watermelon Display

(when in season)




Breads & Desserts

Monty P's Famous Cobblers

Peach, Apple, and Black Berry


Cakes and Pies

Pecan Pies

Sweet Potato Pies 

Red Velvet Cake 

German Chocolate Cake 

Coconut Cream Cake 

Strawberry Shortcake

Lemon Bundt Cake 

Sock-it-to-me Cake 

Strawberry Chocolate Cake 

Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

Monty P's Mini Cupcake 


Bread Pudding

finished with Remy Martin Sauce 


Monty P's Fruit Tarts

made with Grand Marnier


Banana Pudding


Monty P's Famous Butter Rolls

Bet you can't eat just one!!!!


Monty P's Famous Jalapeno Corn Muffins   


Brunch Packages

Chicken & Waffles

Sliced Fruit 

Coffee, Juice, & Tea    




Fried Catfish & Grits 

Cheese Eggs


Sliced Fruit    




Sunday Family

Fried Turkey  Chops

Eggs (cooked to order) 


Sliced Seasonal Fruit 

Tossed Garden Salad 

1 Hot Vegetable 

1 Hot Dish 

Monty P's Butter Rolls 

Juice and Milk

Coffee and Tea service

2 of Monty P's Desserts




"The Boilers" Brunch Package

Ham & Fried Turkey (at a Carving Station) 

Eggs (cooked to order) 

2 Different Salads 

2 Hot Vegetable Dishes

1 Fish Dish 

Fried Chicken 

2 of Monty P's Dishes 

Monty P's Butter Rolls 

2 of Monty P's Desserts

Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Milk

Coffee and Tea service  

Unlimited Samosas




A Chef P's Sunday

Prime Rib (at a Carving Station) 

Crabcake station 

Eggs (cooked to order) & Waffle Station

Sliced Seasonal Fruit display

3 Different Salads & Cocktail Prawns

2 of Monty P's Hot Vegetable Dishes 

A Fish Dish 

Fried Chicken 

Roasted Chicken 

2 of Monty P's Hot Dishes 

Monty P's Butter Rolls 

4 of Monty P's Desserts

Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Milk

Coffee and Tea service

Unlimited Samosas




Daily Lunch

We offer 5 different salads weekly

Monday through Friday.


Choose and pay for your salad by the close of business (6pm) the day before and your salad will be delivered by 1pm the following day.


Look for the Daily Lunch Special 


To begin the beginning of

September 2016 


Monty P's Crab & Prawn salad 


Monty P's Blacken Prawn Caesar Salad 


Monty P's chopped spicy Chicken Breast salad 


Monty P's Tofu & Veggie Salad 


Monty P's All Veggie Salad 


All Salads come with a special customized dressing and Monty P's Signature Butter Roll


Use this Buy Now Link to order your Daily Lunch Special



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